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American Spirit Perique Black


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Grown only in St. James Parish, Louisiana, the robust flavor of Perique tobacco is crafted with our American Spirit Blend to provide a 100% additive-free natural cigarette unlike any other. First cultivated by Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians more than 400 years ago, the Perique tradition has been carried down through generations. The distinct qualities of Perique don’t just come from a rare variety of tobacco, but traditional farming methods and skillful processing techniques along with a year’s aging in oak barrels. These practices, honed over centuries, still rely on one timeless tool: hands. Skilled workers are integral to every step of the process, from harvesting the mature tobacco to de-stemming the dried leaves. This dedication to quality and craftsmanship combined with a unique blend creates the distinctive rich, robust taste found in our Black pack.


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