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Ditch the Paper! Go for Vapor!

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We were all young when we got attracted to this addictive devil: Cigarette! We never thought what threats it might bring to us. On the other hand, Vaping has proved to be a boon to people who want to quit smoking and live a healthy life.

This is not a fad! Consider it as your life chasing clouds without running out of breath…

Not only being a threat to oneself, cigarettes are a menace to non-smokers too.

Studies have proven that the difference in risk between vaping and smoking is hardly surprising, since the former involves inhaling an aerosol that typically consists of propylene glycol, glycerine, water, flavouring, and nicotine, while the latter involves inhaling tobacco smoke, which contains thousands of chemicals, hundreds of which are toxic or carcinogenic.


Your first impression is your last impression. And this might be a harsh truth to tell, but your cigarette divertissement ain’t making it any better!

Not only being an asset to health, E-Vaping is a bonanza to your pockets!

An average smoker spends a lot on buying cigarettes, whereas, If the person chooses the right brand and a reliable product while purchasing the electronic vaping kit, it’ll last longer.

Switching to Vaping might be the best gift a chain-smoker can give to its life!

The largest threat to public health is an informed consumer.

E-vaping can reduce the deaths and diseases caused by the fatal result of tobacco smoking and are indeed the future of a no tobacco and stopped nicotine usage.


The mind always fails first, not the body. The secret is to make your mind work for you and not against you. While we count the endless harms smoking does to you and people around you, we ascertain the urge for you to switch to Vaping!

Smoking is no escape, Switch to Vape!

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